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Archangels hold the highest rank in the order of angels and are typically described as “majestic fiery beings having immense light.” They are in charge of the angels and act as their captains. Each of the seven rays has an Archangel along with his divine compliment assigned to it. Female Archangels are called Archeia. Archangels and their Archeiai embody the Divine consciousness of their respective rays and direct the bands of angels that are under their command. The Archangels not only help us to strengthen and balance our chakras but also give us initiations on the correct way to use the light-energy flowing through them. There are other Archangels beside the Seven Archangels performing their jobs in this hierarchy and all are considered to be great healers.The feminine counterparts of the arch angelic choir are called archeiai. Each of the seven rays has a presiding archangel and archeia who embody the quality of that ray and direct the angelic bands serving under them on that ray. The primary role of the archangels is to radiate celestial light into our world for the freeing and saving of souls and for the illumination and freedom of life. They amplify and emanate the feelings of God&Goddess, which include all the virtues, graces and benevolent light energies, to bless mankind and the nature kingdom

The Angels are here to support us. Because of the "Law of free will", angels and archangels cannot intervene in our lives unless we specifically ask for their help. So invite them, call them, ask for as many celestial beings as you want to surround you and your loved ones.

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