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Angelic Sign

Have you ever found a feather? Any feather. When a feather is found, the angels are simply saying, “Hey there, how you doin’?” Seriously. They are sending their love for you to you in that moment and inquiring about your day. They love you like that. One may make an argument that where feathers are found birds are also congregating. True. However, YOU are the one that spied that feather and made a connection with it. It was a sign meant for you. As all things go, the various colors of the feathers you find will have different meanings. A pure white feather reminds you of your divinity. A black feather could be reminding you that you are protected and safe to be you and/or it is time for you to come out of hiding and BE you. A gray feather reminds you that very little is truly black and white and to be perhaps a bit more flexible and allow possibilities to enter. You may keep a bowl filled with angel feathers in your home. What a great reminder to remember how much you are loved!

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